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We're not just any ordinary team of copywriters.

You'll not just get cracking copy, oh no! You'll get access to strategic communications advice and guidance tailored to your specific needs.


Our clients love working with us because we're not afraid to speak our minds. With decades of experience in public relations, we're committed to helping you put your best foot forward and achieve the results you're chasing. We provide honest, constructive feedback when we need to and will support you every step of the way.

If you're looking for a copywriting team that will just do as they're told, you'll need to look elsewhere... But if you want a team to work collaboratively with you, engaging in lively discussions about the merits of your proposals and offering creative solutions to help you achieve your objectives, then look no further than Wordsmiths Unlimited.

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"Kat is really good at listening to me download the information and then turning it in to an understandable and accessible piece for people to digest and make use of.”

Chris Burton
Cube Learning & Development

Louise Turner


Louise is #sorrynotsorry that she asks so many questions and believes it’s the questions you don’t ask (that probably lead to the mistakes you do make) that you should say sorry for.

A former media and communications manager in the public and private sector, Louise has crafted words for all kinds of organisations, from one of the world’s largest outsourcers to one of Yorkshire’s smallest but most sparkly jewellers. She truly believes that variety is the spice of life and is always looking to add clients from new sectors to her portfolio.

When she’s not at her laptop Louise loves to spend time with her family, often in the outdoors, sometimes in a tent. She’s also a big fan of gin and sleep, but doesn’t get enough of either.

Kat Trinder


A sucker for a great story, Kat has been crafting creative copy and challenging the status quo for over 15 years. Her expertise has spanned many industries including, policing, healthcare, utilities, consumer health and wellbeing PR, med-tech and the charity sector.

Whether it’s press releases, advertorials or writing content for online and social media, Kat uses her skills to meet the creative brief, no matter who the audience is. Her credentials include a CIM Diploma in Digital Marketing and CIPR Accredited PR Practitioner status.

Always wanting to give something back, Kat has provided pro bono social media and PR support for both Guide Dogs and NCT charities. When she’s not got her comms hat on, you’ll find her negotiating toddler tantrums, walking her fur-baby Paolo, and tittering at videos on Tik Tok.


Nicola Baker


As a former Head of Communications, Nicola loves developing brands and powerful narratives, and finding opportunities to apply it consistently to build reputations. Her track record spans telecoms, place marketing, regeneration and higher education.

Nicola has led many outstanding – some award winning – campaigns which have changed perceptions, built reputations and tackled critical issues from modern-day slavery and climate change to health inequalities, as well as experienced in crisis communications. Outside of work, Nicola can be found walking her lockdown dog or trying to stay fit (or giving up and drinking wine!).

Catherine Ross


There’s a lot to be said for the US Navy and Catherine has adopted its KISS principle in her writing. KISS stands for “Keep it Simple, Stupid”. She believes that while it may be a principle well-applied to military manoeuvres, it is best applied to our beautiful language.

Catherine began wordsmithing at the tender age of 10, when her primary school teacher (hi Mrs Williams) kept her in at playtime to come up with a list of alternatives to the word “nice”. Ever since, she has been gobbling up words in the form of novels, magazines, song lyrics and newspapers and, more recently, spitting them back out in the form of perfectly articulated corporate copy, press releases, web text, newsletters and reports for charities and start-ups and some of the globe’s biggest brands.

When she’s not wordsmithing, Catherine can still often be found word-gobbling and trying to instil a love of literature in her two children.


Romey Norton


Romey is our Head of Detail, in charge of keeping everything running smoothly and organised. With a background in writing, acting and administration, she brings her charm and chilled approach to every conversation. With a master’s in arts, Romey is also a freelance arts critic, and budding podcaster.

Passionate and personable Romey has always been a people person and will support others with her fantastic communication and organisational skills. In her spare time, she is an avid theatre goer, enjoys hiking, yoga and the finest wines known to humanity – which she drinks with her cats. (She’s cool we promise!)

Louise Nelhams

A wordsmith by trade but a bit of a self-confessed geek, Louise loves the challenge of creating compelling copy that both human readers and the search engines will take notice of.​

From running a family business, to events management and marketing, Louise has developed a broad range of skills that help organisations to elevate their brand proposition through clear and engaging communications.​

Over the last 10 years or so she’s specialised in SEO content, working with national and international brands, small start-ups and everything in between, enabling them to build their digital visibility and increase conversion rates.

A wordsmith by trade but a bit of a self-confessed geek, Louise loves the challenge of creating compelling copy that both human readers and the search engines will take notice of.

From running a family business, to events management and marketing, Louise has developed a broad range of skills that help organisations to elevate their brand proposition through clear and engaging communications.

Over the last 10 years or so she’s specialised in SEO content, working with national and international brands, small start-ups and everything in between, enabling them to build their digital visibility and increase conversion rates.

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Harry Shelley


As a former journalist and newspaper editor across print and broadcast media, Harry’s trade has been words for, well, as long as she’s had a trade. After 10 years working across local, regional and national media Harry transferred her skills to communications for the private and public sector working in local, regional and central government, with councillors, politicians and MPs.

She has held senior communications positions, including directorships, for NHS Trusts and commissioners working within specialist mental health and community NHS services. She’s worked with board members, clinicians, CEOs and regional and national health leaders and, between 2021 and 2022, led communications and engagement activity across Sussex for the COVID-19 vaccination programme, including the setup of large-scale vaccination centres.

Passionate about engagement and communications, Harry has a particular interest in the power of internal comms and how, when done well, it can be fundamental to improving culture and organisational performance. Outside of work, you’ll often find her running on the South Downs. Or cheering at the sidelines of her daughters’ football matches (although don’t ask her about the offside rule).

Richard Radcliffe


Richard first started writing football match reports for his local paper when he was 16-years-old. Once he realised he had a better chance of landing a job writing about footballers than being one, he embarked on a career that has taken in journalism, media and event management, and a freelance career managing teams, working on policy and strategy and leading on internal and external communications, in the public and private sector.

Richard has worked with some of the UK’s biggest brands and covered some of the world’s biggest events, and his main passion across the whole communications spectrum is, simply, writing. Writing about people; about organisations; about brands. While there are more ways than ever before in which we can share our stories, it will always be storytelling, and that is what Richard cares for most of all.

Away from the mobile and the lap-top, Richard likes to spend time on the beach in Brighton with family friends planning road trips at home and abroad, searching for more stories to tell.


Gareth Williams


Gareth spent 10 years as a founding director of award-winning Leeds agency Ripe Design, which enjoyed international success across the creative spectrum with brands such as Adidas, Fisher Price, Crosby Lend Lease, and Kersner International.

Gareth acts as creative consultant for Next and produces internal communications for General Electric and Unilever. He also works with agencies, companies and organisations, both locally and nationally, applying the same straightforward methods of communication, delivery and creativity to every project, large and small.

He’s worked with us on a variety of client projects, from rebrands to producing a vast range of collateral. In his spare time you’ll find him on two wheels pursuing his passion for cycling.

Emily Wood


After spending 10 years agency-side specialising in search engine optimisation (SEO), Emily took the leap to go freelance and focus on her first true love – writing. Putting her SEO knowledge to good use, Emily is always balancing data-led keywords with creative, engaging copy. She’s optimised web content for estate agents, law firms, and utilities as well as fashion, skincare and lifestyle brands, creating copy that gains visibility.

Her credentials include being Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) qualified. She’s a whizz at Google Analytics, Adwords and SEO tools such as SEMrush, Screamingfrog and Siteimprove.

In her spare time, you’ll find her painting, wallpapering and tiling her way through her house renovation, fuelled by red wine and her love of interior design. When she’s not painting ceilings, Emily is out and about with her lively four-legged friend, Delilah.


Gill Ripley


Gill has over 10 years’ experience in marketing and content roles, working on projects ranging from high-street brands, to start ups working from the shed! As an English Literature graduate, Gill’s love of music and travel saw the early days of her career working in journalism for a leading online music magazine, leading to a departure into editorial for a global travel publisher.

Over the years, Gill has diversified her portfolio and has quite the eclectic mix of experience in online and offline editorial and advertising management. Gill is our go-to for social media strategy and digital marketing consultancy.


Vicky Zaremba


Vicky is a team player who loves helping others succeed. She’s led, coached, and mentored content marketing teams, writing everything from strategy to socials for retailers like M&S and Matalan and global B2B organisations across Europe, America, and APAC.

Two decades of creative content experience, starting with greeting card writing, make Vicky adept at telling persuasive human stories in as few words as possible. She’s a natural people person who has the consumer at heart and one eye on future trends––her current interest is helping businesses tell greenwash-free ESG stories.

Vicky loves soaking up the arts, culture, and travel when she’s not at her desk, believing, as Paul Smith does, that: “You can find inspiration everywhere, and if you can’t, you should look again.” 


Matt Hall


When Matt was seven, he had it all worked out – he’d be a footballer at weekends and an author through the week. While the dodgy knees ended his football career early, he has at least managed to forge a living with words.

Spending five years as a primary teacher trained Matt in the arts of keeping easily distracted people engaged and injecting personality into the driest of subjects. Those arts have served him well in his copywriting career. Matt enjoys finding the facts no one has unearthed and the angles no one has thought of.

With two little tykes and dreams of being a published author one day, Matt still managed to find time for the odd kickabout and occasional round of golf. He’s also a sucker for pub quizzes and board games, both of which he takes far too seriously.




When we’re stuck for words or just need a screen break, Floyd is there to amuse us.

He loves carrots, bananas and balls, along with tummy tickles and plenty of attention. He is truly the laziest spaniel you will ever encounter, spending his days making tough decisions such as whether to snooze in his snuggly bed, or under Louise’s feet.

A talkative chap, he’ll always have an opinion when there’s a decision to be made. He’s no guard dog though, and would be happy to let anyone come in – whether he’s met them before or not!