February 6, 2022

Does cheap equal good value?

It’s an interesting question isn’t it? Would you buy the £100 TV or the £500 one? If the specification was the same, what would you choose? Well I guess that depends on your current financial situation, […]
June 19, 2019

The four letter word you need to avoid to make your writing great

When writing we always want to be descriptive and in business we’re conditioned to make sure that we pitch everything as the best it can be. There is no mediocre service offered by any business, only […]
July 31, 2017

How to spot your biggest copywriting mistake – and an easy tip to fix it

It’s a common mistake made by millions of businesses and one any great copywriter will want to fix first – a focus on what you do, not how the reader can benefit. This lazy style of […]
April 28, 2017

If in doubt, leave it out – my rule for avoiding common grammar mistakes

Language is fluid and trends come and go, but there are some grammar rules which, in my humble opinion, should be learned by rote until they can never be forgotten. I’ll be the first to admit […]
December 21, 2016

I should have said I wanted to be richer

Isn’t language funny? Even as a professional writer of sorts I can get caught out in mix-ups about meanings. Those of you who know me will know that I’m a proud redhead, but I’m getting to […]